Authentic soul-warming Hokkien Putian cuisine is made for Singaporeans since 1997, Xing Hua Lou (FuJian) Cuisine serves a delectable spread of famous Heng Hwa dishes such as their signature Lor Mee in special broth brewed for hours and Heng Hwa fried bee hoon. As a native from Hokkien Putian, Madam Cheng’s food philosophy is to serve authentic and flavourful Hokkien Putian cuisine to suit local taste buds. Furthermore, Madam Cheng ensures the food served are of top quality, such as using homemade noodles for their signature Putian Hokkien Lor Mee and do not use any preservatives in their stock, providing a healthier option. With a wide variety of Hokkien Putian delicacies, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.