IndoChili, a full-fledged restaurant by the Java Kitchen Group from Indonesia, is an Official Partner of Wonderful Indonesia (top 100 overseas Indonesian restaurants) awarded by Indonesian Ministry of Tourism. IndoChili has also been bestowed with the TripAdvisor Service Excellence Award and is listed on the Ctrip Gourmet List. Java Kitchen has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by the local popular English magazine, 8 Days.

Over at Padang Lezat by IndoChili, its founder, Madam Wahyuningsih, crafts her dishes straight off the rich repertoire of Indonesian culinary heritage with a strong fusion of fresh spices throughout. Each meal is carefully prepared using only the finest ingredients, combined with a unique Singaporean twist. Not only is the food an exquisite offering that will satisfy your palate, it also redeems your sense of taste, leaving you wanting for more. Nasi Ambeng – the iconic dish at Padang Lezat, is a traditional Javanese cuisine with fragrant rice and 5 dishes that is served in large plates and eaten in groups to encourage communal dining. By promoting communal dining, Madam Wahyuningsih hopes to strengthen ties and promote harmony among friends and families – so bring the whole gang, wash your hands and tuck in “makan tangan” style.