The special traditional recipe of the authentic KL Damansara Chilli Ban Mee was made in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with fresh ingredients made daily.

The ban mee is springy and laced with the marinated mince chicken meat with each bite. It comes with a wobbly soft boiled egg too, to tie in all the flavours and make the noodle slightly richer. Generously topped with ingredients, every mouth would be packed with balanced and all-rounded flavours.Their specialities include the Signature Chilli Ban Mee, Signature Abalone Combo Ban Mee, Minced Chicken Mee, Scallop Chilli Ban Mee and more.

For the more adventurous, take your pick from the least spicy level one to the tongue-numbing spicy level five and simply add on to your chilli ban mee. The fragrant dried chilli with crispy bits add a nice crunchy texture to the overall taste.